[02-07-2019] Dear Member, Our land owner cum builder (Greenmark Properties) has not accepted to reduce the cost of escalation from 15 Lakhs for the enhanced items. The letter dated 01-07-2019 sent by green mark is available in the website. So, in addition to Rs.73 Lakhs we have to pay the enhanced amount of Rs.15 Lakhs to the Greenmark Properties, totalling to Rs.88 Lakhs per villa. Please also refer to the schedule of payments given in the website. - BHEL Mayfair MACHS Ltd

As directed by the GST Authority Greenmark properties paid GST @12% on land cost. Our society remitted the amount towards GST@12% to Greenmark properties out of available funds to avoid penalties & costs. Click here to view the payment challan


The latest notice letter from Greenmark Properties. Click here to view the Letter.

NOTICE TO DEFAULTERS The members were requested to pay Construction 2nd installment Rs.6.00 Lakhs on or before 25.04.2019. But some of members have not paid the installments to the society. The construction work is going very rapidly and the developer raised bills for making payments. But due to non-payment of installments by some of the members, the society is unable to pay the billed amounts to the Developer in time. The developer sent several warning letters to the society for stoppage of work and imposing penalties and damages on the society. The latest warning letter is available in our website. If such penalties imposed by the developer as per the terms and conditions, it will affect on the regular payment members also. The Managing Committee in its meeting held on 14-07-2019 has taken serious view on the defaulters and taken decision to terminate/cessation of membership of defaulters by issuing show-cause notice on them. So, members are requested to pay the due amounts immediately to the society to avoid termination/cessation of membership.

The letter dated 01-Jul-2019 from Greenmark Properties. Click here to view the Letter.

The letter dated 15-Mar-2019 from Greenmark Properties for reference. Click here to view.

Construction 3rd Installment Payment Details

Schedule of Construction Installment Payments. Click here to view the Schedule.